We just finished having a ride of dads bike and i thought i would give you some thoughts on it. When first riding it around and in the higher gears just cruising along i feel the new pipes have lost a little bit of bottom to midrange, i would say off the throttle to about 5000rpm the factory pipes are a little stronger. Nothing to worry about as it still has plenty enough, but from 7-10.5 it really comes alive, where before it would flatten out, it is so much better then before. The trade off for losing the smallest bit on the bottom for the massive gains it has on top is more then worth it. It is exactly what we wanted and hoped for. I drove it of a roundabout in second gear and it started lifting the front wheel. It was so much fun to ride, a real buzz. Before it has never ever lifted the wheel, your pipes have livened it right up. Its great fun to ride and feels more like a two stroke if you know what i mean. Before it was to linear and boring. We went up to sizes on the main. It now has 290 in it. We wanted to be safe!!

Regards Martin Brown UK


I don't have much of a testimonial for you, they are great pipes, the midrange increase for me (at the moment the only one I've felt as im still running the engine in) is quite impressive. Also to note that the pipes will fit +4mm crank +5mm rod crankshafts with modification only needed the hanger tabs (change in angle of the tab basically).

Ben Patrick OZ


Bought a set of Kenny's "Abbey" pipes for my N2/RGV hybrid and must say the fit and look was perfect. They are quite fat so the need to move the sidestand spring to the outside of the stand is unavoidable. The standard of workmanship and welding is a lot better than a lot of well known pipes and have always found Kenny very helpful and easy to deal with, always up front and no bullshit.
The motor and carbs were standard but with the "Abbey" pipes the power was transformed. Band started at 7k with a large step at 8k pulling strongly and clean till my 10500 rev limit. Motor felt stronger than my bike which was ported. No carburation problems, simply upjetted 1 size and had no issues or hunting on part throttle like my other bike even out of the power band. Liked them so much I've got a second set in stainless on order for my other bike, awesome pipes at a decent price.

Steve (midlifecrisisrd)


The bikes been an on going project for about 4 years now, I tried several pipes with varing results some with ground clearance issues and some just didn't work. After having the wheels made I wanted some pipes with fairly high cans so not to hide the wheels and no ground clearance probs, had several recommendations for Kenny so I gave him a call. Straight away was very helpfull on the phone after a few chats we arranged a fitment date. I dropped the bike at Kenny's on the Saturday had a chat about what I wanted and left it with him, he reckoned they would be done in a week. He mocked the pipes up and sent a few pics there was a couple of things I wanted changing which he did sent a few more pics and after one last thing I wanted changing and a few more pics all was good so he got busy with the welder. True to his word sure enough they were done by the weekend. When I went to collect the bike and the pipes looked even better in the flesh the fit was great and very well finished.
Then it was set up time I am running the zeeltronic stuff which is all new to me and Kenny was very helpfull in pointing me in the right direction with that too. After a good few dyno runs we got a good setting making very good power with a great midrange. I have done a few hundred miles on the road now and the bike goes great pulls hard and strong from 5000 through to 10000, my dyno run is in the Dyno section. A great service and very well priced.

Thanx Nigel










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